Rajshree Doshi


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Rajshree Doshi has a world of experience in various different spaces in the education sector. She started working in SPJ Sadhna School in 1986 where she joined as a volunteer and continued to work as a teacher, as well as lead workshops. 10 years later she joined The Akanksha Foundation where she again joined as a volunteer and went on to run her own centre for 8 years. Since 2009 she has been with Teach For India. She joined as a Program Manager for the first two years and then as a support to Program teams across cities. Since 2016 she has been working on creating TFIx and spearheading it with love and belief ever since. She is an avid reader, traveller and loves to explore nature.

Vrinda Madan

Sr. Manager, Enablers Team


Vrinda has worked at a Financial Institution in Singapore for 4 years. Following that she decided to take up a real challenge, and moved back to India to do the Teach For India Fellowship. She joined the TFIx team right after her Fellowship. She works towards finding the right Entrepreneurs for the program, identifying the right staff for the team and developing them.   Her skills play a key role in finding the right supporters to ensure the success of the program. She enjoys yoga, music and travelling.

Nivritti Tandan

Lead, Program


Nivritti provides her vast experience of managing Program Managers guiding the Program Partners who directly work with the Entrepreneurs. She also works closely with the Program designer in designing, planning and execution of the incubation year. Prior to this role, she supported the Teach For India Delhi chapter for 5 years as Program Manager and later on became the Program Lead with TFIx. She joined the TFIx team to explore the breadth of interventions in the ed-space across the country. When she is not working, you can find her reading or solving jigsaw puzzles.

Manager, Program & Alumni

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Ankita is the powerhouse of our team. Always ready to help and high on grit. In TFIx, she designs and executes the incubation year. She is an Engineer graduate with a brief experience in Corporate as a technical recruiter. She joined the Teach For India Fellowship in 2016 and taught in a low income private school for 2 years. Post her Fellowship, she joined the TFIx team. She is a music enthusiast and loves listening to music.

Ankita Thakur


Recruitment, Selection & HR


Hitanshi works towards creating a cohort of passionate entrepreneurs who want to drive change in the education space. Her incubation year starts with a lot of research and site visits to various parts of India to understand their context and check for alignment with TFIx. Another part of her role is HR which involves a wide range of responsibilities from creating policies to hiring for open positions. She comes with an experience of 2.5 years as an HR professional. Hitanshi joined the TFIx team in 2018 post her Teach For India Fellowship. She is an animal lover and enjoys watching Animal Planet or Nat Geo in her free time.

Hitanshi Gandhi
Kevin Panicker

Associate, Communications & Development


Kevin works towards TFIx's continuous visibility and growth. With a mathematics degree from Delhi University, he joined Teach For India's Fellowship Programme right after college. He taught 120 students in a low income private school in Hyderabad. He joined TFIx to explore the needs of children and youth in the diverse regions our Entrepreneurs work.  A sports enthusiast and explorer at heart, he loves traveling to new places and trying new cuisines.

Neha Rathi

Program Partner

Neha joined the Teach For India Fellowship in 2015. Post fellowship she worked with Teach For India as a Program Manager for 2 years. She is an Engineer and an MBA  graduate. She worked in the automotive and construction equipment sector for 4 years prior to her journey with Teach For India. She joined TFIx team to get a deeper understanding of the education landscape in India. She is working closely with 2 Entrepreneurs in rural Maharashtra and 2 Entrepreneurs working in rural Karnataka. Neha is an avid reader and eloquent writer. She also finds time to meditate and travel.

Ishita Kumar

Program Partner


Ishita joined the Teach For India Fellowship in 2015. Post fellowship she worked with Teach For India as a Program Manager for 2 years and worked directly with Fellows and School Principals. As a Program Partner in TFIx, she works closely with 1 entrepreneur from Delhi NCR and another from rural Odisha, to enable them to launch a fellowship model that will create local leaders in community. She is a travel enthusiast and loves to watch animated movies with her family.

Ishita Dutta

Program Partner

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Prior to this role, Ishita worked directly with Fellows and School Principals as a Program Manager with TFI Delhi for 3 years. She has also played a role of teacher trainer with Teach For Bangladesh and Manipur Government. In TFIx, she works closely with 4 entrepreneurs from Delhi, Uttarakhand and Odisha. She is an explorer by nature and loves to travel and swim.

Sneha Sankar

Program Partner


Sneha joined the Teach For India Fellowship in 2014. Post Fellowship, she worked with TFI Chennai as a Program Manager for 3 years and worked directly with Fellows and School Principals. She has also worked in special education with the Spastics Society of Karnataka, and the State Government Rehabilitation Centre in Chennai. As a Program Partner in TFIx, she works closely with 2 entrepreneurs in Tamil Nadu and is helping them develop contextualised fellowship models.  You can find her learning new things like Brush calligraphy or spending time with her furry friends. She is also an avid reader and quizzer.