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Vrinda Madan

Vrinda has worked at a Financial Institution in Singapore for 4 years. Following that she decided to take up a real challenge, and moved back to India to do the Teach For India Fellowship. She joined the TFIx team right after her Fellowship. She works towards finding the right Entrepreneurs for the program, identifying the right staff for the team and developing them. Her skills play a key role in finding the right supporters to ensure the success of the program. She enjoys yoga, music and travelling.

Nikita Bansal
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Nikita leads the strategy and design of the Incubation program at TFIx. She started her career as an IT consultant supporting multinational clients with their ERP processes before finding her calling in the Teach For India Fellowship in 2016. Post the Fellowship, she worked with Teach for India Program team, where she coached and managed a group of Fellows for three years. With immense belief in the collective power and potential of each and every individual, she strongly believes that change is possible and is committed to reaching out to the last child. She holds an MBA degree from Welingkar Institute of Management, and a B.Tech from Manipal Institute of Technology. She loves spending time with the family and binge-watching the latest shows when not working.

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Ankita is the powerhouse of our team. Always ready to help and high on grit. In TFIx, she designs and executes the incubation year. She is an Engineer graduate with a brief experience in Corporate as a technical recruiter. She joined the Teach For India Fellowship in 2016 and taught in a low income private school for 2 years. Post her Fellowship, she joined the TFIx team. She is a music enthusiast and loves listening to music.

Ankita Thakur

Hitanshi works towards creating a cohort of passionate entrepreneurs who want to drive change in the education space. Her incubation year starts with a lot of research and site visits to various parts of India to understand their context and check for alignment with TFIx. Another part of her role is HR which involves a wide range of responsibilities from creating policies to hiring for open positions. She comes with an experience of 2.5 years as an HR professional. Hitanshi joined the TFIx team in 2018 post her Teach For India Fellowship. She is an animal lover and enjoys watching Animal Planet or Nat Geo in her free time.

Hitanshi Gandhi
Divya Dhingra

Divya works towards TFIx's continuous visibility and growth. She is a literature graduate from Delhi University and joined Teach For India's Fellowship Programme right after college. She taught 267 students across two years in low-income schools in Delhi. She joined TFIx to juxtapose her passion for social reform with her learnings from the Communications field for the cause of human rights, expression, and development. She's an avid reader, traveler and loves to paint. 

Rahul Sahu

Rahul directly supports Education Entrepreneurs in the regions of Maharashtra and MP in designing and launching their own contextual Fellowship Programs. Before TFIx, he taught in a low-income Government school in Worli, Mumbai, for two years during his Fellowship (2015-2017) at TFI, post which he continued in the Org as a Program Manager for five years, where he guided TFI Mumbai Fellows toward being excellent teachers and future leaders through coaching and training. He is passionate about education and developing people across ages, an avid reader, and loves to explore diverse experiences, cultures, and places. He also enjoys yoga, meditation, journaling, and art.

Radhika Gulati

Radhika joined the Teach For India Fellowship in 2016. Post fellowship she worked with Teach For India as a Program Manager for 3 years. She is a Commerce graduate and postgraduate. She joined TFIx team to get a deeper understanding of the education landscape in India. She is working closely with Entrepreneurs in rural and urban Maharashtra, rural Uttar Pradesh, and the Pulwama district in Kashmir. Radhika gains energy from nature and finds peace in traveling. She also likes exploring spiritual practices like mindfulness, Buddhism, and healing to explore more about life.

Neha Gujar

Neha joined the TFIx team as a Program Partner in April 2023. Prior to this, she worked with the Teach for India Mumbai team for the last 8 years as a Fellow, Program Manager, and Program Lead. She has also had the opportunity to collaborate and volunteer with several other NGOs in Mumbai. Currently, she is working with Entrepreneurs from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, and Uttar Pradesh and supporting them in launching their contextualized teaching Fellowships. She loves exploring concepts of leadership and traveling.

Aayushi Gaur

Aayushi designs the incubation year program for Entrepreneurs by bringing experts from the Teach For India network to mentor Entrepreneurs to help them design and launch a contextualized teaching Fellowship. Before TFIx, she taught in a low-income Government school in Delhi for two years during her Fellowship at Teach For India. She is passionate about education and designing human-centered programs to cater to the needs of people. She also enjoys traveling, chasing stories, and writing.

 Devyani Verma

Devyani started her professional journey with Josh Talks, where she was exposed to event management. Working on various social impact events for brands made her realize her passion for the social sector. After her 2 years stint at Josh Talks, she joined the Teach For India Fellowship. She has always believed education to be at the core of any social reform, and with that belief, she tried to bring little and big shifts in her classroom. She has joined TFIx as a Project Manager and supports potential Entrepreneurs to clear TFIx selections. She also helps strategize support for the Alumni Entrepreneurs. In her personal time, she likes to listen to music, dance, and travel.


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