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We believe India currently suffers from a deficit of leaders who work together at all levels, both inside and outside the education system, to ensure that children from vulnerable communities in every corner of India attain an excellent and equitable education. We identify and develop such leaders committed to educating every child in every corner of the country.


Through these leaders, we want to achieve the collective vision of

"One Day, All Children Will Attain an Excellent Education towards an India Free of Poverty and Filled with Love." 



We at Teach For India realized that our impact was limited to only urban areas and there, too, only in English medium schools. We couldn't reach out to the vast numbers of marginalized children out of school and in tribal/remote regions of the country. We also realized that the scale of this challenge meant we could not address this on our own. 

Teach For India started the movement to end Educational Inequity by welcoming the first cohort of Fellows. This became a nationwide movement producing leaders of equity in the system working relentlessly to ensure every child receives an excellent education. Over the years, our operations grew to 8 urban cities across the country.




We piloted the TFIx incubation program with a collective vision of 'One day ALL children will attain an excellent education'.  We started our journey by partnering with 7 Education Entrepreneurs from the country. We supported them in adopting Teach For India's Fellowship Model and launching a minimum 2-year contextual teaching Fellowship in their diverse geographical and social contexts.


We adapted to the ‘New Normal’ with our 4th Cohort of Entrepreneurs and run the program virtually for the first time. The pandemic did not stop us from incubating our largest ever cohort. Our support evolved with time - from just the incubation program to also supporting our 22 Alumni in most relevant ways.





Our 1-year Incubation Program has shifted to a high-impact 3 Stage Support. We now support our Entrepreneurs pre-incubation to prepare them for TFIx Selections, during the Incubation year to launch a minimum 2-year teaching Fellowship and post the incubation year to sustain and strengthen their Fellowship program. We run a hybrid incubation year to equip our Entrepreneurs to deal with new situations skillfully and promptly. Our 10-year North Star will enable 100 Entrepreneurs in the next 10 yrs to launch and sustain high-impact Teaching Fellowships. 

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