TFIx is spearheaded towards bringing alive Teach For India's vision of "One day all children will attain an excellent education" in every nook and corner of the country through the 2-year fellowship model. To achieve this dream we realize that the long term engagement of our alumni with the movement is quintessential. Our alumni are based out of different parts of the country ranging from border regions of Manipur to rural areas of Rajasthan, which means they face very unique challenges with regards to language, geography, development issues, demographics etc.

While our Alumni are working on bringing the vision alive in different shapes and sizes contextualised to the regions they are working in, we believe in developing them into leaders who educate every child in every part of the country. We work very closely with the entrepreneurs during the incubation year but once they join the ALUMNI movement, we are more focused on creating the right space for them, providing opportunities, and giving access to network for them to experiment, grow, and expand towards solving not only the educational-crisis but engage deeply with all the interlinking problems hindering the development of their region.

Currently, through our alumni, we are reaching 31,000 children and creating 405 fellow leaders spread across 12 states of the country.  In the long run, our bet is on them continuing the fellowship model to create a movement of local leaders in every community who will be driving their communities towards sustainable change.


Rahul Aggarwal 
Henna Khan
Adwait Dandwate
Surender Yadav
Meghna Chawla
Ajay Kumar
Subhankar Paul


Sandhya Gupta
Kshitiz Anand
Divakar Sankhla
Suraj Sudhakar
Ravi Dhanuka
Pramod Kumar
Vivek Kumar


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