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Teach For India began, ten years ago, with a belief, that solving the educational crisis demanded more than a compilation of old solutions. We believe that addressing the complex challenge of educational inequity is like solving a complex jigsaw puzzle that demands leadership and a collective commitment fuelled by innovation.

Today, 900 Teach For India Fellows are working to ensure more than 32,000 underprivileged children in over 250 schools across India to attain an excellent education.

As Alumni, they join a growing movement of 3,000 leaders who work across India at all levels of the system - in schools, communities, and at the level of policy to end educational inequity.

The size of the problem is enormous: India houses 30% of the world’s poorest children at 116 million. With more than 172 million Indians living under $2 (₹136) a day, our children face severe socio-economic disadvantages. 


The depth of the problem is equally challenging: In 2018, only 44% of grade 5 students from government schools could read a grade 2 text. Only 27.8% of the students across India in grade 5 are able to solve simple division.

The problem of educational inequity cannot be solved alone.


The contextual fellowship models developed in partnership with Education Entrepreneurs, provide a transformational journey to individuals who wish to work towards providing quality education to the most marginalised children in our country. In the long term these individuals become lifelong equity leaders and role models in the local ecosystem. 

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