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Maitri Manch is an initiative to spark collaborative efforts among these stakeholders. In its first edition this year we witnessed a diverse group of 56 stakeholders (ranging from entrepreneurs to donors to government officials to teachers) who came together to really understand each other's work deeply and take the first step towards collaboration.

Learning Circle 1


The 2019 Cohort of TFIx came together for their first Learning Circle in the beautiful city of Bhopal. It was exciting to hear amazing updates from everyone. Three days in Bhopal involved sessions on Program Design, Budgeting, Mock Pitch Proposals and Alumni interaction.

Learning Circle 2

IMG_1376 (3).JPG

The 2nd Learning Circle of 2019 Cohort was held in New Delhi from 2nd-5th November. Almost halfway into our incubation year, 4/9 Entrepreneurs have already launched their pilot Fellowship Program. In this learning circle we focused on  Monitoring & Evaluation Framework, People development & Performance Management, Recruitment. We also visited Kat-Katha as part of our peer site visit. 

Learning Circle 3

Each of our 2019 entrepreneurs are in the final stages of launching their Fellowship models. By August 2020, 8 new Fellowship programs will be launched to reach the most vulnerable kids. 

We visited Maanasa Paramasivam's site - Barefoot College, Tilonia, Rajasthan. Entrepreneurs worked on various aspects of Fellowship like Fellow Curriculum, People Development, Pitch Presentation and Inclusive Education. They also observed Barefoot's TALL (Teachers As Learners & Leaders) Fellowship Program and Manthan's Night Schools in Kotri, Rajasthan.  

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