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We are Teach For India's growth model. We believe that One day all children will attain an excellent education.

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Looking for experts to strengthen and scale your model?

We incubate Educational Entrepreneurs to

launch and sustain

a high-impact 

teaching Fellowship

in their region.

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We find and develop leaders who want to adopt Teach For India's model. We enable them to design and launch a 2-year minimum contextualized Teaching Fellowship Program to reach children from vulnerable communities and youth in diverse geographies.

Educational Entrepreneurs:


Our Incubation Program supports and guides Educational Entrepreneurs through Program Partners (Personal Mentors), Learning Circles (in-person training), Site Visits, Webinars, Peer-learning, and Access to Mentors and Experts to develop relevant knowledge, skills, and mindsets. This enables them to launch a contextualized, high-impact, and sustainable Teaching Fellowship Model.

Leadership Development
in Underserved Communities:

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We have partnered with 62 Educational Entrepreneurs who are developing people in their regions and addressing the needs of children from vulnerable communities through their Teaching Fellowship Models.

Sustainable Teaching Fellowship Model:



Running Fellowships


Entrepreneurs Incubated


Children Reached


Fellows part of
TFIx Entrepreneurs' Fellowships
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Write to us to know more

We are always looking for Ed-Entrepreneurs wanting to explore a Fellowship model for their organizations. We also invite individuals and groups interested in supporting our Entrepreneurs in their journey.

Interested in understanding more about TFIx, or sharing your experience in
 Fundraising, Social Impact, Entrepreneurship, or any other skill?

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